Hurricane Sandy in my part of Washington Heights

Lonely camel from one of the playgrounds on Riverside Drive.

Awning ripped off of a restaurant on Broadway in the 150s.

Awning on the ground on Broadway.

Compared to many parts of New York City and New Jersey, my section of Washington Heights fared very well. There were some felled trees and awnings ripped off of area businesses, but to my knowledge, no one in the West 160s through the West 140s lost power. Same for the 180s.

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Field turf soccer field in excellent condition. Score for artificial grass!

A MTA bus running before the projected 5 p.m. start time. Buses are running on a Sunday schedule.

River Bank Park is CLOSED.

Side lot of my building. Downed tree from the building next to ours.

Lots of yellow cabs in the hood. And NYPD is a steady presence.

Marathon is on Sunday, Nov. 4, so runners can’t stop training now!

Skunky looking down, hoping we could hit the greenway, but I felt safer staying on Riverside.

Tree on Riverside.