Video: ‘La Peligrosa’ by Martina La Peligrosa

Martina La Peligrosa
Martina La Peligrosa

Story by me via Sounds and Colours:

You never know what you’re going to find when conducting a random search on social media. Case in point: I recently typed #champeta into Instagram’s search bar and stumbled upon an interesting champeta-inspired track by, what seemed to be, a pop star from Colombia. What’s this? Is champeta going mainstream?

Turns out, the artist is Martina La Peligrosa, (real name Martina López) a native of Córdoba, on the Northern part of Colombia’s Caribbean coast…

Read the rest and watch the music video here.

On the passing of Colombian vallenato legend, Diomedes Diaz

Diomedes Diaz
Diomedes Diaz

I have an interesting relationship with Colombian vallenato music in that my Colombian-music loving self didn’t always love it. I recall my cousin Maria asking me why I didn’t love it at and me saying “it’s old people music.” Ha! (We joke now that she was — and still is– a romantic, and I was [and still am] a cynical cold hearted kid. Go figure.)

I often heard vallenato at parties growing up because it is somewhat of a somber music, in which the ‘grownups’ sat around, reminisced about their homeland, and had shots of aguardiente. At home, my dad preferred to play salsa and cumbia as he was always more of an upbeat music fan (like me!).

Like my father, I preferred to listen to salsa and cumbia, and later champeta, but I gained an appreciation for vallenato as a young adult when I really started paying attention to the lyrics. So sentimental!

The music has its roots in Colombia’s pastures of Valledupar.

This form of music originated from farmers who, keeping a tradition of Spanish minstrels (Juglares in Spanish), mixed also with the West African-inherited tradition of griots (African version of juglar), who used to travel through the region with their cattle in search of pastures or to sell them in cattle fairs. Because they traveled from town to town and the region lacked rapid communications, these farmers served as bearers of news for families living in other towns or villages. Their only form of entertainment during these trips was singing and playing guitars or indigenous gaita flutes, known as kuisis in the Kogi language, and their form of transmitting their news was by singing their messages. (Source.)

Known as “el cacique (native chief),” Diaz was regarded as one of the best singer-songwriters of vallenato. But he didn’t come without controversy:

Diaz led a tempestuous life, serving time in jail over the death of a fan at a party in his home. He often showed up late to concerts or not at all, something his fans put down to his addiction to drugs and alcohol.

In 1997, at the height of his career and shortly before the launch of his album Mi Biografia (My Biography), a fan and friend of Diaz, Doris Adriana Nino, was found dead by the side of a highway in Tunja province. Forensic experts at first said that she had died of a heart attack following a drug overdose at a party hosted by Diaz, but a later forensic report suggested she had been suffocated.

After a lengthy trial, Diaz was sentenced to 12 years in jail for homicide, a sentence which was later reduced to six years.

Diaz, who had been put under house arrest, went on the run when he was due to be transferred to jail, allegedly hiding away in an area controlled by the infamous paramilitary leader known as Jorge 40. He handed himself in to the authorities in 2002 and, after having his sentence further reduced, was released in 2004. (Source.)

Much like when tropical music king Joe Arroyo died in 2011, Colombians have taken to the streets to pay homage to Diaz. And Valledupar’s mayor has declared four days of mourning.

Radio stations are playing songs from his vast discography nonstop.

There are several favorites of Diaz I love, but I’ll leave you with “Mensaje de Navidad” since it’s appropriate for the Christmas season:

Again, the lyrics are somber, but true, as the holidays aren’t always “joyous” if one is away from loved ones.

Unos dicen: Que buena las navidades
Es la época más linda de los años
Pero hay otros que no quieren acordarse
De la fiesta de Año Nuevo y aguinaldo
Pero hay otros que no quieren acordarse
De la fiesta de Año Nuevo y aguinaldo

(Source: see rest of lyrics here.)

Making Movies’ ‘Tormenta’ one of KCUR’s “Best Songs” of 2013

Downloads of this album benefits three Kansas City-area charities.
Downloads of this album benefits three Kansas City-area charities.

A special version of “Tormenta,” by Making Movies, (available on a ’12 Days of Christmas’ album benefiting three Kansas City-area charities via the Midwest Music Foundation & Boulevard Brewing Company is one of KCUR 89.3 FM‘s ‘Best Songs from Kansas City-area Bands in 2013.’ The song is about missing home at the holidays and was written specifically for the immigration cause.

Hear KCUR‘s other picks here –> (Scroll to 38:25 to hear the special version of “Tormenta.” It is very folkloric version.)

Hear the original version of “Tormenta” here via MTV

A still from the music video for "Tormenta." Watch here:
A still from the music video for “Tormenta.” Watch here:

The band is now bound for Texas. Follow the rest of their tour here, and check out this video from the last time they played the Lone Star state. (Video by the Houston-based Sinister Kid Studios.)

ChronicleVitae: Revealing the Secrets of My Mental State

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 12.11.09 PMImportant issue that needs to be discussed more often.

Via ChronicleVitae’s blog:

Life has thrown some changes my way in the past few years and the anxiety began to consume me. It started slowly, probably three or so years ago. Recently, it got worse. I became irritable and unfriendly, at first just when I was at home, then at other times. My wife has probably borne the brunt of the effects, and she’s a saint for dealing with it. I’ve tried hard not to let my children notice. I didn’t tell anyone at school how I was feeling.

Read the rest here.

Making Movies December Tour: Los Angeles

1520722_10100129622897139_1624080311_nMy buddies from the Kansas City-based band, Making Movies, are on tour this month. They’re currently in Los Angeles and if these photos are any indication, I’d say they’re having a great time.

Get acquainted with the band and their sultry psychedelic son at their website, or via this great video from our friends at American Latino TV.

Listen to their latest album, “A La Deriva,” (produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos), here.

Watch an acoustic performance of “Lo Que Quiero” via 123UnoDosTres here.

Listen to an amazing, plugged-in performance, via KEXP’s “El Sonido w DJ Chilly,” here.

With superhost, Pili Montilla, of WAPA-TV’s “Té Para Tres.”
Performing at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, L.A.
Photo shooting w the good folks of My Square Bear & stylist, Demetri Faye.


Checking out Wavelab Studios with Steve Berlin.
Checking out Wavelab Studios with Steve Berlin.
Check out upcoming tour dates at
Check out upcoming tour dates at

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Man Rejected

Image via
Image via

Re-post from Lindsay Brooke Davis’ blog:

Good afternoon, friends! 

Oh, what a day it’s been so far. Some of you follow me on Facebook and may recall an update about a man who Googled me on his iPad while we were on his second date, found some footage of me reporting from SXSW and proceeded to google the model/presenter who set up the segment so we can look at her in a bikini. 

This inspired me to finally create a web series I had been thinking about for over a year called Bad Dates in the City, currently in pre-production! #LBDinNYCProds @BadDates 

After I decided I had no interest in seeing this man again, I ignored his three texts “Did you take the bus home? “How’s it going?” and “Hello”) which came over a span of a week and a half until I opted to text him back this morning to the polite tune of, “Thanks for the other night and it was nice meeting you, but don’t wish to chat further. Thanks and good luck! Best, Lindsay” 

Well, here is how this Ivy league grad with an MBA that I met on JDate responded:

Read the rest here

The Year in Wiener News: 2013

Rejoice! This post is NOT about Weiner.
Rejoice! This post is NOT about Weiner.

Relax, this post has nothing to do with Anthony Weiner. It is an end-of-the-year roundup on wiener news, though! (And special thanks to a friend who suggested I write this.)

Before we get to it, let’s all agree that as far as 2013 is concerned, it was a monumental one in news:

We got a new Pope, a shitty-I.T. department-like Obamacare rollout, a royal baby, and a tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon. There was a massive fertilizer plant explosion and fire in West, Texas, a terrifying tornado in Oklahoma, the government shutdown for an extended period of time, we lost Nelson Mandela, and that gem of a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin, and later arrested for domestic violence. (His girlfriend dropped the charges, of course.) And that’s not all. CBS Pittsburgh compiled more here.

The year also brought us more social media by way of Instagram and Vine videos (watch some hilarious Vine vids here), chats that disappear via Snapchat, and Twitter and Facebook continue with high engagement from their users.

On my Facebook page, it was a big (no pun intended) year for news of everyone’s favorite male member: the penis! I’ve rounded up some of the year’s best peen news nuggets below.

Look before you sit.
Look before you sit.

Best international penis news (tie): Australian man avoids jail for choking ex after she bit his penis: It’s only fair. She bit him first. And from the African continent, Snake bites man’s penis in Ghana public toilet.

Best medical development for a crooked penis news: FDA approves drug for severe curvature of the penis: Treatment with Xiaflex involves two injections of the drug into the penile scar tissue and a penile “modeling” procedure that involves manipulation of the penis by a healthcare provider. It sounds painful, but so is having a crooked peen, according to the article.

Traffic reporter Siobhan Riley says the drawing was innocent.
Traffic reporter Siobhan Riley says the drawing was innocent.

Best news anchor #fail related penis news (VIDEO): ABC12 news reporter Siobhan Riley was detailing which sections of Saginaw, Michigan, would be undergoing construction on a large map. As she laid out the grid plan, she unknowingly drew what appeared to be a large phallus, complete with testicles at the bottom. Hey maybe she had something on her mind.

Second runner-up: Awkward! Out of the Czech Republic: Large Penis Videobombs News Anchor During Live Broadcast.

Best Mike Tyson is involved in this one, so there’s really nothing good, better, or best, about it: The former heavyweight champions autobiography contained tons of surprises about his chaotic life. In fact, that he used a Fake Penis to Pass Drug Tests is the least surprising nugget out of this gem.

Best indecent exposure arrest-related penis news: He claims his penis was itchy, but according to police, this sicko was following a customer around in a store while jerking his chicken. Gross. A Florida man arrested on indecent exposure charges said he had to expose himself in a department store because his genitals were itchy.

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 4.16.10 PMBest King of Pop-related penis news: The guy may be in jail, but can we all wish some collective bad juju on him in the joint for talking about this in an interview? Eww. Dr. Conrad Murray: ‘I held Michael Jackson’s penis every night’

Best reason proof that “legalizing it doesn’t get rid of violence in the United States” related penis news: Money and drugs go hand in hand, which is why this probably went down: Four charged with severing penis of California marijuana dispensary owner.

Best breakfast-related penis news: I know the Brits like meat with their eggs for breakfast, but this is ridiculous: Man with penis stuck in toaster rescued.

Best “Oh, Colombian men!” -related penis news:

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 4.27.45 PM

They just can’t leave well enough alone, can they? See what happens when you try to impress your (I assume much younger) girlfriend? South Colombia man has penis amputated after Viagra overdose.

Best sports-related penis news:

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 6.07.18 PM

Rugby in New Zealand. Well, those tiny shorts they wear are pretty hot: Ex-NRL player Anthony Watts accused of biting opponent’s penis during Gold Coast match.

Best painful experiment-related penis news:

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 4.35.31 PMOh grandpa. Not this again: Fork stuck in man’s penis after bizarre sexual mishap.

Best science-related penis news: This may depend on your (personal issues) point of view, I guess: “The attractiveness of a larger penis is intertwined with height and body shape, new research suggests.” Penis size does matter.

Best architecture-related penis news:

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 4.41.55 PMPenis-Shaped Christian Science Church Doesn’t Look That Much Like A Penis, Architect Claims. Oh yes, it does, sir. Isn’t lying one of the 10 Commandments?

Second runner-up: Well, it’s not penis-related, but since when is a woman’s nether region not related to the penis? Architect Zaha Hadid Fires Back at Critics of Her So-Called “Vagina Stadium.”

Best “like The Hangover, only 10-times worse” -related penis news: Alcohol is the devil: Man found on road with his penis severed and absolutely no idea what had happened.

Best “guns are not for everyone” –related penis news: Hey, at least it wasn’t in the United States this time. Yee-haw! Philippine man accidentally shoots his own penis.

Best “school field trip gone wrong” -related penis news: Another one not from the good, old, United States. We’re more into teachers sleeping with their students, I guess: ‘Penis piercing teacher’ axed.

Which brings us to the best “teacher grabs penis” news: Of course, this one is ours. Oh, Ohio: Student: Accused teacher ‘put her hand in my pants.’

Second runner-up: Oh, Florida, you know I couldn’t leave you out of this! And, to boot, you know there’s a critical shortage of good math teachers when, “Jeanne Michaud, a Seminole County math teacher, had nearly a 30-year history of disciplinary problems, but parents said she was talented and could make even advanced courses fun.” Teacher fired over penis carving.

I’ll end the list with something that sits below the peen:

Best BALLS-related (non-penis) news:

Screen shot 2013-12-18 at 6.10.24 PMHey, this body part is part of the penis family! Believe it or not, this incident was over a parking spot: Woman in China could face death penalty for killing man by crushing testicles.

Dreaming of … wristwatches?

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 10.13.37 AMI’ve been collecting strange dreams, so it’s dream interpretation time!

Over the weekend, I dreamt that no matter where I was, I was getting served fancy dishes of food (in those silver covered serving dishes), and every time the tuxedo-clad waiter removed the top cover, my food would be garnished with a fancy wristwatch. So, say the meal was a filet mignon, a Movado watch would be carefully placed over it (the watch was always sleek and black.) So what’s the deal with watches in my dreams?

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 10.16.09 AM

According to my go-to dream interpretation site,

“To see or wear a wristwatch in your dream suggests that you need to be more carefree and spontaneous. Your life is too structured. Or you are feeling limited and constrained. Alternatively, the watch symbolizes the ticking of the human heart and thus is indicative of the emotional side of your life. The dream may also be a metaphor to indicate that you need to ‘watch out.'”

As for “silver,” or “silverware,” (I don’t remember seeing silver utensils, just the serving dish):

“To see silver in your dream symbolizes the moon, intuition and the feminine aspects of yourself. It signifies tranquility and understated confidence.”

“To see or use new and fancy silverware in your dream indicates harmony in your domestic life. Things are going well. Alternatively, the dream signifies your willingness to help others and to lend a hand.”

On another night, I dreamt that I was trying to warn friends that there was impending danger (don’t remember the specifics about the danger) and I kept struggling because I had a huge black eye. It was my left eye, and it was accompanied by a huge swollen knot in my left temple. People kept asking what had happened to me and I kept saying I didn’t know. It was a frustrating dream and I don’t remember if there was ever a resolution.

Here’s what I found on Dreammoods:

To dream that you have a bruise represents stress and mounting pressure that you are dealing with in your waking life. It may also refer to a reawakening of old, family wounds that have not been properly addressed. Alternatively, the dream is telling you that you need to accept the consequences of your actions. Consider the symbolism of the specific part of your body that is bruised.

To dream that your eyes are injured or closed suggests your refusal to see the truth about something or the avoidance of intimacy. You may be expressing feelings of hurt, pain or sympathy.

To dream that you are warning someone suggests that you need to recognize the dangers or negatives of some situation. You need to bring this to the surface.

So that’s that.

As to whether these interpretations help or hinder is another blog post in itself! 

Religion Vs Culture… Being A Sikh Vs Being A Punjabi

Just A Small Town Girl...

Sikhism is one of the youngest and most widespread religions in the world. I’ve lived my whole life with the knowledge that I’m a born-follower of this religion, I am a Sikh.

From a young age I would accompany my mum to the Gurdwara (temple) either for religious programmes held by friends and family, for festivals such as Vaisakhi or Diwali, or simply just to sit next to her as she would listen to and join in with the calming prayers recited by a Gyani Ji (priest) in hopes that the echoing religious teachings might rub off on me a bit. But the truth is that I never understood exactly what the Gyani Ji was saying and still to this day I often find myself lacking in concentration and failing to understand the moral lessons that I’m supposed to have learnt through prayer recital.

From the ages of 8-12…

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New music video: Somos Mujeres, Somos Hip-Hop

I wish I had more information to share about this video because it’s bad ass. If features a bevy of Latina rappers who I assume hail from Ecuador (they flash the flag a couple of times in the video) spitting some thoughtful lyrics about women, femininity, the barrios they are from, resistance, activism, and more.

Watch below. (And shout out to the girl who comes in at 3:53. She can spit!)