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Gina Vergel is a bilingual public relations professional and writer. She is Senior Director of Communications at Prospect Schools. Before that, she was Senior Director of Media Relations for Fordham University. In the past, she has worked on independent publicity projects for musicians/artists, such as Making MoviesLos Rakas, Zuzuka PoderosaDJ NEB, and Vicente Garcia. She was publicist for Outernational during their “Todos Somos Ilegales” tour. She is a contributor for Sounds and Colours (UK). Background: multiple award-winning newspaper journalist, former local news radio anchor and advertising sales pro. She has a B.A. in English from William Paterson University and a M.S. in Education/Organizational Development from Fordham University. She is Colombian-American, born & raised in Paterson, N.J., and a current resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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9 thoughts on “About me!

  1. I’ll always see the name of the important people on the end of the paper but now I feel so proud to see the name of my niece,I know how smart and important you are,congratulation for all your accoplishment in your life. I love you since you was a little girl .Tia Nina

  2. J S Shainberg

    Jonah Shainberg had a great day running the ball at Fordham Rams Coffey field, the locker room presentation and cafeteria. Thank you guys for making him feel so much part of the team.

  3. As a public relations expert, can you happen to recommend to me a way to get any assistance from the public sector in regards to being imprisoned due to racial profiling, having charges mixed up with another person, lack of being allowed any Hispanics on my jury, etc? Thanks for reading. I’m glad you are making a name for yourself. It inspires other young people, especially women, with Latin backgrounds.

  4. Hugo Toledo

    I just found your site after getting sucked into La Viuda Negra.I was born in Barranquilla but have lived in the US since I was 2.5 years old. I very rarely watch Spanish language TV –most programs strike me as bad 50s programming in the US! This one, though, got my attention.

    Many thanks for the article and others on your site.

    Keep up the good work!

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