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This Weekly Underrated! by musicalmusingsbysima is great because it’s from the Revival Tour, one of my favorite annual concerts! It features Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan, Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon and Alkaline Trio’s Dan Andriano.

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Lyrics: ‘Keepsake’ by Gaslight Anthem

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I’m very fortunate to have grown up with both parents. I didn’t always see it that way. As a kid, I can remember sometimes wishing they’d divorce when they fought because I hated arguments and I figured I’d be allowed to hang out with friends more that way! (They were strict about letting me go anywhere without my brothers.)

I feel guilty for even thinking that way. But I was young and naive. I definitely cherish having them both together and around to this day.

I’m going to assume Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon grew up, in part, without his dad. The lyrics to Keepsake give me goosebumps:

It’s been thirty-one years
Since she’s been in your arms
But don’t worry about Mama
Mama’s got a good heart

And I’m not looking for your love
I’m only sniffing out blood
Just a little taste of where I came from

And at the bottom of this river
Is where I put you down to lay
So I can live with it
And in my heart there are these waters
Where I put you down to lay
While I learn to live with it
Until I’m free

And it’s been all my life
I’ve been wondering on the inside
What we could’ve had
If you’d had a part in my life

Buy the album, read the rest of the lyrics or just listen to the song, here. And in this interview with AOL Spinner, Fallon discusses honesty in his songwriting.

‘Go to church, work hard, don’t swear.’


Photo by George Tice/New York Times

I’ll admit I’m a bit obsessed with the Gaslight Anthem, but this New York Times magazine profile on the band by Lizzy Goodman is just too good not to share…

[Brian] Fallon is an only child, born and raised in Red Bank not far from where he lives now. His mother works for a local hospital, and his stepfather worked in a factory. The family rules were simple: go to church, work hard, don’t swear.

Recently [Fallon] said in an interview with a German music magazine that he believes in creationism. People “started freaking out, saying I don’t believe in dinosaurs and I’m such a fool,” he said. “But you say you’re a religious person, and it’s on, bonfire is lit. I thought we’re supposed to live in a tolerant society.”

What distresses Fallon the most is that people assume he’s intolerant. Fallon’s wife, Hollie, is a Jewish girl from the Bronx, and he is a vocal supporter of gay rights and women’s rights. “Bruce has this expression he says all the time: ‘Nobody wins unless everybody wins,’ and I really think that’s true,” Fallon says. “When I was working construction or in a gas station listening to Bruce Springsteen songs, I felt like I’d won, too.”

Read more here.