Inspiration for your bedroom

… your bedroom style, that is! (Naughty, naughty!)

When it comes to interior decoration style, I’m basic at best. Clean lines, light colors, dark furniture. I would like to step it up someday, but I can admit it’s not my forte. I have two dear friends who kick ass in this department, especially when it comes to their bedroom style. Think fun colors and pretty scenes:

Winter bedroom style by Michelle Christina Larsen.

The above winter wonderland bedroom is by Michelle Christina Larsen, a Brooklyn-based copywriter who specializes in fashion editorial writing and creator of Day Job Optional, a blog dedicated to helping writers  launch & grow sustainable online careers. She has a fashion school background, but something tells me she’s been decorating like this since she was a kid. You can find more of her DIY style on her style blog, Hey Mishka.

Working from home is a cinch when everything is pink. By Michelle Christina Larsen.
Disco bathroom, anyone? By Michelle Christina Larsen.

My other bedroom style inspiration is Charly Carlyle (a moniker, obviously) who is a psychometrician in her daytime career, but blogs about sex positivity when she’s not measuring medical research. She is TRULY inspired by bright colors and girly things, but she has a penchant for skulls, too.

Who wouldn’t want to sleep here? And maybe do other things. By Charly Carlyle.
Work is fun when your work station is pretty. By Charly Carlyle.
Another view of that pretty Charly Carlyle bedroom.

Fashion Week NY 2012

Photo via

I’m soooooo not a fashion person, but I do enjoy people watching those who are. Fashion Week in New York City is a great for that. I get all creeper and stare at people because the fashion-oriented put extra effort into what they wear, the tallest of the tall models hit the night clubs and there is free booze a plenty.

Tonight is Fashion Night Out in New York City (and around the globe), where retail stores in nearly all boroughs hold events which include musical acts, appearances by celebs, lots of freebies, SALES and a first-look at the next season’s collection. Check out some FNO recommendations by my girl Roz Baron, aka Punkrose, here.

If you can’t partake in person, you can follow along thanks to the wonders of internet. If you search for #NYFW on Twitter, you’ll see lots of first hand accounts of what is going on where, including what celebrity is hanging out at the fashion shows.

For more coverage, here are some cool people I think you should follow:

Former Fordham News and Media Relations intern and friend Nadine DeNinno is moving up in the new media world as a fashion/celebrity writer extraordinaire at the International Business Times, where she busts out several stories a day. Check out her coverage here. (By the way, she designed that #NYFW home page.)

Festivity queen Michelle Christina Larsen is doing her thing over at Hey Mishka. She started up a YouTube channel for the occasion and she won’t just document what she’s covering, but give Do-It-Yourself tips on fashion and other things, like this amazing quick fix elixir, which I should just take intravenously all year.

And, because she’s funny and ALWAYS at the best parties, follow former Ridgewood News intern and hilarious gal Thea Palad on Twitter. She’s the Senior Fashion Editor at Women’s Health, which means she focuses on fun and active fashion! Go stalk her at: @theapalad or her work account, @WHealth_Style.