Meet (& support!) Norvis Jr.

A little over a year ago, Natalia Linares (the digi-femenista/music manager/publicist) behind conrazón invited a small group of people for a private concert at her Staten Island apartment featuring an independent artist, Norvis Jr.

I’d met him (real name Nelson-Mandela Nance) a couple of times prior to the performance, but I wasn’t familiar with his music. I had no idea what I was in for.

Norvis Jr. sings his types of soul.
Norvis Jr. sings his type of electro-soul in Staten Island.

Not only was I blown away by his unique brand of electro-soul, but the intimacy of the performance coupled with the ‘zone’ he was in signaled to me that I was witnessing something special.

Since then, Norvis Jr., a native of Dallas, TX. now living in Brooklyn, N.Y., has performed at a handful of New York City venues, but now he wants to take his show on the road with a spring 2015 tour. Listen to him here (he’s got a great speaking AND singing voice), and then support his Kickstarter (and its hilarious video displaying his healthy diet!) here.

Norvis Jr. surrounded by a diverse crew of music lovers!
Norvis Jr. surrounded by a diverse crew of music lovers!


Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ … in reggae

ESA-10Year-DubSideOh, it’s nothing new. In fact, ‘Dub Side of the Moon‘ by Easy Star Records was released a decade ago, but it’s brand new to me. (Thanks Press Junkie PR for the heads up.)

This re-working of Pink Floyd’s legendary album is dope! (Listen to a sampler here.) It’s also work-friendly, as I like to say. You know, the kind of music you can listen to at work without it taking your concentration away. Great for background.

Now is your chance to see this album performed on tour as Easy Star All-Stars will head out on tour of a special anniversary edition of this classic album. Put out by Easy Star, the leading independent reggae label, the re-issue will boast new artwork, an in-depth liner note booklet, and two bonus tracks, including a new version of the song “Breathe” featuring additional vocals by Eric Rachmany of Rebelution, Metric Man, and Ruff Scott of the Easy Star All-Stars.

The huge success of Dub Side of the Moon (2003) spawned a popular series of reggae tribute albums by the band including Radiodread (2006), Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band (2009), and Easy Star’s Thrillah (2012).  The Easy Star All-Stars have also released an original EP (Until That Day, 2008), an original album (First Light, 2011), and a remix of Dub Side called Dubber Side Of The Moon (2010). They have toured worldwide over the past decade, playing in over 30 countries on 6 continents.

This spring the band hits the road for the Dub Side Of The Moon Anniversary Tour performing the album live in its entirety alongside classic material from the band’s career including original songs and tracks from the other tribute albums.  Select shows will also include new animated visuals that were debuted at live shows in November 2013.

The tour features a number of great pairings as well, including five co-headlining shows with John Brown’s Body (including the third teaming up for 4/20 weekend at Brooklyn Bowl), two shows with Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub, and four shows with Rochester’s celebrated Thunder Body. Don’t miss them!

Dates below. Tix/info here

Dub Side Of The Moon Anniversary Tour

Mar 27 Revolution Bar & Music Hall* Amityville, NY
Mar 28 The Sinclair* Boston, MA
Mar 29 Snow Barn Nightclub* Dover, VT
Mar 30 The Haunt* Ithaca, NY
Apr 01 Bell’s Brewery# Kalamazoo, MI
Apr 02 Majestic Theatre^ Madison, WI
Apr 03 Concord Music Hall^# Chicago, IL
Apr 04 Beachland Ballroom^ Cleveland, OH
Apr 05 The Opera House^ Toronto, Canada
Apr 18 Austin Reggae Fest Austin, TX
Apr 19 Brooklyn Bowl^ Brooklyn, NY
Apr 22 Cat’s Cradle+ Carrboro, NC
Apr 23 The Georgia Theatre+ Athens, GA
Apr 24 Terminal West+ Atlanta, GA
Apr 25 Howlin’ Wolf+ New Orleans, LA
Apr 26 Vinyl Music Hall+ Pensacola, FL
Apr 27 Culture Room+ Fort Lauderdale, FL
Apr 28 Freebird Live+ Jacksonville, FL
Apr 30 The Grey Eagle+ Asheville, NC
May 01 Ziggy’s By The Sea+ Wilmington, NC
May 02 Tally Ho Theatre+ Leesburg, VA
May 03 Jefferson Theatre+ Charlottesville, VA

*with Thunder Body  #with Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub
^with John Brown’s Body
+ with Cas Haley & Big Hope

The case against mainstream

A great bit of “thinking out loud” by DJ K. Sabroso:

“Dancers upset about Chris Brown in a B-Boy feature film. EDM musicians salty about sounds going mainstream and merging with Bro culture. Comic heads up in arms about the inconsistent quality and fidelity of film/TV adaptations. Anime heads freaking out about an all white cast of Akira…

“For most of my life, “the mainstream” has not been something worth envying from a cultural perspective. Its goal is to sell the most product to the largest consumer base.

“I can see how it seems like something you love becoming popular might bring more attention to your heroes/influences, provide a higher flow of revenue to the people we feel deserve it, increase consumption, and open up more opportunities for new and talented artists, but only under the condition that we format our craft for the masses and often remove a large part of what made it so beautiful to us to begin with.

“Success and fame are dangerous commodities (that often travel alongside their friends compromise and mediocrity) and it’s well worth reviewing what they have done to previous people/cultures before wishing that they come and visit the things you care for.

“If you truly love something, it might be wise to appreciate it for what it is instead of wishing it was something else. Almost everything I treasure would be considered “fringe” or weird but maybe that makes it more meaningful when I meet those rare people who think my weird shit is cool, too. Rant over.”

To hear K. Sabroso’s latest mix, visit his Soundcloud page.