The case against mainstream

A great bit of “thinking out loud” by DJ K. Sabroso:

“Dancers upset about Chris Brown in a B-Boy feature film. EDM musicians salty about sounds going mainstream and merging with Bro culture. Comic heads up in arms about the inconsistent quality and fidelity of film/TV adaptations. Anime heads freaking out about an all white cast of Akira…

“For most of my life, “the mainstream” has not been something worth envying from a cultural perspective. Its goal is to sell the most product to the largest consumer base.

“I can see how it seems like something you love becoming popular might bring more attention to your heroes/influences, provide a higher flow of revenue to the people we feel deserve it, increase consumption, and open up more opportunities for new and talented artists, but only under the condition that we format our craft for the masses and often remove a large part of what made it so beautiful to us to begin with.

“Success and fame are dangerous commodities (that often travel alongside their friends compromise and mediocrity) and it’s well worth reviewing what they have done to previous people/cultures before wishing that they come and visit the things you care for.

“If you truly love something, it might be wise to appreciate it for what it is instead of wishing it was something else. Almost everything I treasure would be considered “fringe” or weird but maybe that makes it more meaningful when I meet those rare people who think my weird shit is cool, too. Rant over.”

To hear K. Sabroso’s latest mix, visit his Soundcloud page.

Musica: Mixes of the week

(Smut Lee at Que Bajo in 2011. Ignore the person in the foreground.)

It occurred to me today that although I’m one hell of a SHARER when it comes to music, they aren’t always easily found. I typically share using Twitter and Facebook and although the internet is FOREVER, my posts can get lost down below since I continue to add to my news feed and timeline. (We all know I’m addicted to social media.)

So, in an attempt to become a better curater, I’ll post a roundup periodically on this blog. Here we go:

Grab some remixes of Los Rakas by San Antonio super producer, Sonora, here.  (And check out Los Rakas while they’re on tour. Link to tour info in the Sounds and Colours piece by me.)

Watch this awesome Q&A with Thornato by my amigos up north at Dos Mundos. Then download Thornato’s mix because it’s VERY good.

What haven’t I said on Twitter about London’s Smut Lee!?!?? I first heard the smutty one at Que Bajo in the summer of 2011 and I’ve been a big fan ever since. His dancehall mixes are always the shizzzzz *and* this one samples Lonely Island character Ras Trent (by Andy Samberg.)

Finally, K. Sabroso, the Indianapolis DJ and producer shared an exclusive mixtape with Sounds and Colours. It includes Colombian electro/champeta groups Palenke Soultribe and Systema Solar alongside salsa greats Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe and Celia Cruz.