Technology: A Work Email Blackout? Par-ty! Par-ty!

Photo via The Telegraph

I get experts placed in the news and I write some news, so it’s a rarity to read a quote by me in the news.

A reporter was looking for expert commentary on one corporation’s decision to shut off work email after hours. When I responded to her with information about Fordham’s Communications professors, I mentioned I’d freak out if I couldn’t access work email after hours. She ended up wanting to quote me.

Here are the two pieces in which I’m quoted and they’re good reads that show there is certainly a bit of a smartphone/technology addiction these days. Guilty as charged. Read on …

Vote: Would You Like a Work Email Blackout?

By Cindy Perlman, CNBC

Do you check your work email on an iPhone or other smartphone after-hours?

Join the club: More than 80 percent of workers say they continue to work from home even after they leave the office, according to a recent survey from mobile-research firm Good Technology. Nearly two-thirds said they check their work email before 8 a.m., and a whopping 40 percent admitted to checking email at the dinner table!

Read more, including my quote, here. And the other piece in which I’m quoted, also by Perlman, here.

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