New videos: Juan Bago and O

Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

Uptown Manhattan’s spoofmeisters extraordinaire are back with three new videos.

“Hooked on Hookah” has me bopping at my desk. (Update: This is a spoof of a song called “Papa Dios Me Dijo” by a Dominican artist who goes by Secreto. I’ve seen Secreto’s name on flyers of the various clubs my brother and his DJ friends spin at, but I wasn’t familiar with his music.)

The chorus is so damn catchy:

Están esperando que se apage este fuego, pa prender el otro.
Prende la hookah; dale mas plomo!”

I think my favorite part of the song is O’s sheer passion when he sings about hookah flavors. Ha! He is SERIOUS about his manzana y tamarindo.

And fresh off Dominican parade Sunday, enjoy “Quisqueya,” which has Juan Bago displaying some Zumba-like dance moves.

Finally, this duo has become quite astute at spoofing Kanye West songs. Here, they share their version of “Theraflu” with an ode to the Latino cure-for-all, Vicks Vapor Rub. But we Latinos don’t call it that. It’s “Vivaporu.” Read an interview with Bago and O on Univision’s Tumblr here. Video below.

Watch Bago and O’s other spoof videos, including favorites, “Pan con Queso” and “Dominis in the Heights,” on Vimeo, here. A link to the pair’s YouTube channel is here.

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