Latino Rebels launches foundation

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 11.01.57 PMOur good friends at the must-read website, Latino Rebels, have launched a foundation.

Per the Latino Rebels Foundation website, it’s vision is “to live in a country where Latinos are admired as patriotic, hard-working and productive American citizens.”

And its mission is to “positively impact the perceptions of Latinos, to defend the community against negative stereotypes and Latino bigotry, and to substantially increase Latino representation in the media and entertainment sectors by building a pipeline of highly talented and socially conscious Latinos.”

That’s something I can get behind for sure. Help the cause by volunteering or contributing here. ** UPDATE: See comment below for information about the scholarships Latino Rebels has in mind for undergraduate and graduate students! 

2 thoughts on “Latino Rebels launches foundation

  1. Wow, thanks for that!!!! We just added more (see below, and I also now owe you two music reviews!)

    The foundation plans to achieve the following:

    Offer 50 scholarships of $5,000 to Latino pursuing a degree in journalism. The scholarship program will be administered by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and overseen by its CEO Fidel Vargas. Jim McNamara, the Chairman of HSF has personally committed to a $100,000 match grant.
    Offer 15 scholarships of $75,000 to Latino students pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts from the American Film Institute (AFI) through the Latino Donor Collaborative. AFI has committed a 2:1 match grant.
    Prominent Puerto Rican lawyer and co-chair of Latinos for Obama, Andrés W. López, will chair the foundation.

    1. This is AMAZING!!! Paying it forward to the next generation. Count me in as a volunteer for sure. We have a fabulous “Mentoring Latinas” program at Fordham for teenage girls from the Bronx. Would love to make them aware of this. Our goal is for them to see college as an attainable goal. Would be great for them to think about journalism, too. GREAT WORK, Latino Rebels!

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