A truly international tribute to Boston marathon victims

Students enrolled in Berklee College of Music’s “Songwriting in Spanish” course have covered Spanish singer-songwriter Alejando Sanz’ single, “La Musica No Se Toca,” and dedicated it to victims of the April 15th Boston Marathon bombing.

The video was filmed last February in the greater Boston area and in Valencia, Spain, under the direction of course instructor and Grammy winning producer/musician, Javier Limon. It is a collaboration between more than 60 Berklee students and alumni.  Twenty nationalities are represented in the 38 musical performances which range from vocals to flute to cello, proving indeed that music is an international language.

“La Música No Se Toca” means ‘don’t touch the music’, and is a play on words in Spanish: ‘Don’t mess with the music’ and ‘music is not being played’.  Limon serves as the artistic director of Berklee’s Mediterranean Music Institute.  He uses Sanz’s music during his course.  When the students asked Limon for permission to make the video, he called his longtime friend and collaborator Sanz who loved the idea. The video was completed in April, after which the students dedicated the video to the victims of the April 15th Boston Marathon bombing.

The video ends with audio of Sanz’s version of the song playing as a written message from him appears, thanking Berklee musicians for their work and for “giving us so many emotions.”

Alejandro Sanz’ new album “La musica no se toca” is one of the biggest selling albums in 2013. It has produced three consecutive No. 1 singles, in Latin America , the U.S. and Spain. The album has sold over half a million copies worldwide and is quintuple platinum in Spain, platinum in Mexico, Argentina and USA, remaining among the five best-selling albums of all of Latin America for several consecutive weeks and Top 10 in the US for 25 weeks.

Alejandro Sanz will be touring Spain in the coming months after the end of a successful tour of USA, Argentina, Colombia, Central America and Mexico.

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