This futurist hit it on the nose!

This seems to be from a German newspaper of some sort circa 1930s (it originally appeared in black and white from what I can find online, yet this Flickr version is in color). All I can say is the artist (a futurist, obviously!) guessed right; we really ARE living in a time when we can see the person we’re having a ‘phone’ conversation with on a small screen … [source] See more by the same futurist artist here. (h/t to Darren Wershler for tipping me off to this via his Twitter feed.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.00.38 AM

One thought on “This futurist hit it on the nose!

  1. Here is a flickr link to how the actual pages of the Wagner photo album looked:
    Vintage Future Fantasies: Mobile communication & television

    And the text below it takes nothing away from the foresight:
    “Wireless Private Telephone and Television. Everyone now has their own transceiver and can listen to a certain wave with acquaintances and relatives. Transmitters and receivers are no longer bound to the location, but are always carried in a box of the size of a photocassette. But TV technology has also improved so much that one can look at the friend at the same time”

    Who can’t admit that they haven’t lazily flicked on to a bit of Netflix mid Skype call, eh?

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